Type C Personality

Type C Personality

Although this article will discuss type C personality, it helps to know about the other types as well.

First, you need to know that psychologists break down personality theory into two general types known as Type theory and Trait theory.  Today, the Trait theorists seem to prevail, however we will look at Type theory in that it is less complicated and gives you a good basis to start understanding personalities in general.

Type personality theory allows you to determine your personality during a particular point in time.  You see, your personality can change throughout your lifetime.

The Type theory refers to the four humors which include choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic.

  • Choleric  –  refers to a person that is irritable (yellow bile).
  • Melancholic  –  refers to depression (black bile).
  • Sanguine  – refers to being optimistic (blood).
  • Phlegmatic  –  refers to being calm (phlegm).

These four basic personality groups (humors) were established by the Greek as far back as 140 AD and were based on an excess of four body fluids: yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm [1].

A Closer Look at the Four Personality Types

You may be familiar with the four major categories that are used to assess personality type.  The four major categories are referred to as type A, B, C and D personalities.  Bear in mind, that no individual is just a single type but a mixture of other types, however one may prevail.  For example, you may be a type D person and yet carry some behavioral characteristics from type C and A.  Human behavior is quite complex so keep in mind that being a type A, B, C or D is a place to start when you are learning about personality types [2].

Take a look at the photograph to your left.  Notice there are individuals who are smiling, others serious and distant, others involved with each other and others just pleased with themselves.

Below, we’ll take a look at type A, B, C and D personality types in a simple way and then proceed to take a closer look at type C.

  • Type A  –  competitive, over achiever, things done on time.
  • Type B  –  calm, relaxed, laid back, flexible, analytical..
  • Type C  –  detail oriented, not assertive, suppress wants, needs and desires.
  • Type D  –  negative outlook on life, fear of rejection, prone to depression.

More on Type C Personality : Definition

Let’s take a closer look at type C personality.  If you recall from above, a type C personality individual is not particularly assertive.  This means you don’t speak up to tell others what you like or don’t like.  And, in fact you may support the needs of others, ignoring your own.  Over the long-term, this can bring about stress which can lead to depression.

On the other hand as a type C, you have a love for detail and are well focused.  You love to figure out how things really work.  Many other personality types would envy you for this and wish they could do the same.  Having a temperament for detail allows you to occupy a number of employment niches since we live in a high tech world.  If you don’t have the educational background to support this, you might consider going to college to study IT (information technologies), computer hardware, computer software, experimental sciences, etc.

Type C personality individuals tend to take life seriously and this makes them excellent workers, however this can become extreme to the point of perfectionism.  If you’ve gone to this extreme, you find it difficult to work with others and spend a far amount of time working alone and have become introverted..  However,  your passion for detail gives you excellent analytical skills meaning you are very intelligent and your serious outlook on life makes you dependable.

Keep in mind that your current personality has come about by past experiences.  This should suggest to you that by understanding your previous experiences, you have the ability to change things you don’t like about yourself.  A type C personality can be a great personality so long as some of type C behaviors don’t go extreme.  Remember as a type C personality you generally have excellent analytic skills and are intelligent.  You also have a lack of assertiveness and tend to take things too seriously.  Teach yourself to become more assertive and try to relax.  This will further improve your analytical skills and intelligence.  You’ll have more control and better success as well as being more comfortable with yourself.  Not only will you feel more comfortable, you’ll experience a healthier lifestyle.

Can I Change my Personality Type?

Absolutely!  Personality is not inherited!  It doesn’t matter whether you happen to be type A, B, C or D, you have the power to make changes.  You can change what type you are or change one or more behaviors of a single trait essentially customizing your personality.  However, before you do so, there are certain things you need to know.  You might want to consider personality testing.

Personality Testing

There are many forms of personality tests whether they be online or done with a professional counselor.  However, all tests are not created equal!  Taking a test on the Internet can be a good place to start especially if the test is free.  These tests may be able to send you in the right direction.  One warning however, many of the online tests are relatively short and can lead you astray by giving you false information. Remember, human behavior is very complex and far too complex to be assessed on a free online quiz.  If you really want to make serious changes in your personality type or traits within your type, it is best to take a paid online test where you will receive interpretations from professionals in this field.

A list of web testing sites can be found at the end of this article [3-8].  One site is of particular note which is http://personality-testing.info/.  This site lists a collection of interactive personality tests that provide detailed results that you can use for your own entertainment or to learn more about personality assessment.  These sites provide tests that range from very serious and widely used psychology tests as well as self produced quizzes.  Each testing system has its own strengths, weaknesses and validity [4].

Please check – Type C Personality WIKIhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality_disorder#Cluster_C_.28anxious_or_fearful_disorders.29

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